The “Few Years Wed” Game (episode)


New episode available on iTunes & Soundcloud now!

Considering we ended last years season on a bit of a…somber note, I thought it would be best to start of 2017 on a much lighter note! So, I set out to celebrate everyones absolute favorite holiday (kinda) with our very own, Newlywed (kinda) themed (kinda) game show….(kinda)!

I sit down with two of caricatures power couples (Manny Avetisyan & Natalia Ashatan, & Jordan Martin & Ali Thome) as we play our own version of The Newlywed Game…and laugh at how well we all do, or don’t, know one another. Don’t know what The Newlywed Game was? Check out the clip below, then check out our new episode asap!

Episode available on iTunes.
Episode available on Soundcloud.

Pst! Oh yea, also…in the episode our guests have to pick their partners “third most exaggerated feature”. Check out a collection of their caricatures, and see if you agree with their decision!

Jordan & Ali…

Manny & Natalia…

Music Credit: “Lost in the Night”, Pipa Moran
This show is produced for ISCA. Find more at

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