Life is a Caricature (episode)


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Talk about a hiatus! Well…I will, but FIRST I talked to Manvel ‘Manny’ Avetisyan about his 2017 Golden Nosey win at the 26th ISCA Caricature Convention! In this episode, Manny tells us all about how he got his start in not just caricature, but art! As well as all of the amazing influences along the way.

It feels good to be back, and tapping into the minds of these amazing artists!


Find  more of Manny and his amazing works all over the webz:



A few notes…
– The audio in this episode is a little wonky. I definitely didn’t almost break my computer and want to chuck it out the window trying to adjust it. So, my apologies!
– Music in this episode was sampled from ‘Hello’ by Lionel Richie and Adel, as well as ‘Cold Sun’ by Del.

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