The Purrfect Caricature


New episode available on iTunes & Soundcloud now!

So, here on Exaggerated Features, as you know, we’re all about caricatures, exaggeration, and the unique places you can find them. From history to holidays, from digital work to molding clay.

This isn’t to ignore though, what we typically consider a caricature to be. Funny faces, big heads little bodys…a silly, exaggerated cartoon sketch of yourself…your mom, your boyfriend, or maybe even….your dog?

No one, not even in the animal kingdom, is safe from the caricature talents of seasoned animal expert John LaFree and long time exaggerator/new time pet-icature artist Nate Kap!

We talk with both of these amazing artists about what a caricature means to them, how they found themselves sketching pug mugs and all the challenges that come with it! Check out their artwork and information below!

Episode available on iTunes.
Episode available on Soundcloud.

John LaFree
Find more of John LaFrees work and “Canine Caricatures” at his website, on facebook, or follow him on Instagram @johnLafree!






Nate Kap
Find more of Nate Kaps and “Little Beasties” at his website , on facebook, or follow him on Instagram @littlebeasties!





Exaggerated Features is produced for ISCA, the International Society of Caricature Artists; “A World Drawn Together”. Join today at!


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