The Seventh Day.

On the first day, many many years ago…

The magazine Exaggerated Features is published by the International Society of Caricature Artists (aka ISCA). In fact, it still is! Sometimes it’s a hard copy, sometimes its an awesomely interavtive PDF file; but if you’re a member of ISCA you get access to this wonderful publication keeping you up to date in the world of caricatures!

Just last year however, ISCA moved forward on creating a podcast titled “ISCAST”, hosted by then President Nolan Harris, on soundcloud, to help bring new and fun content to the community. Since then Nolan has stepped down and the podcast is now in the hands of Cory Lally, and you’ll never guess who’s writing this blog.

Well, I have some updates…

First and foremost; were going to be on iTunes! Fellow Co-Treasurer Ali Thome (and host of the amazing podcast “It’s Supposed to be Funny”) & myself are working to get it on iTunes ASAP, so you can have your first episode of the new season and subscribe for automatic updates.

Secondly, a name change! ISCAST will now be, you guessed it, “Exaggerated Features”! This is going to help us appeal to individuals not already part of ISCA with a brand and name members trust to get their caricature news from! All while creating a platform that is welcoming to a more creative approach.

Finally, we made this nice blog to tie it all together. Snippets from the magazine to entice unsuspecting readers to become members (mwahahaha!), photos to go along with podcast episodes, and general media updates that might strike the interest of lifelong caricature artists and the curious listener all the same.

So here I sit, Sunday after noon….

A new podcast is edited and geared up to go (once we get on iTunes of course). I’ve got storyboards for more to come…I’m about to publish the first post of many on our brand new sparkly blog…Ali’s bustling to get us on tunes, and we’re feeling pretty good about the work we’ve done. Sure, theres TONS more left to do, but…

…so on the seventh day he rested from all his work.

… maybe we’ll just save that for Monday.




2 responses to “The Seventh Day.

    • Hey there John! Thanks for the encouragement!

      The Grigor interview will be our first iTunes episode, and we will no longer be publishing on Soundcloud. To answer your question though, it should be any day now!
      I’ll be sure to make another blog post once its, as well as share the update on our Facebook pages too!


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