Saying Hello to iTunes with Grigor

After WAY too long of a wait, we are proud to announce that we are FINALLY on iTunes!
We start of with two versions of one episode; an interview with Grigor Eftimov, 2015s ISCA Caricature Artist of The Year:

The First Episode is an edit version of the interview to get you the core info asap!

The Second Episode, is the full uncut interview! All the juciy sound bits, opinions, and life philosiphy of Grigor himself!

Be sure to hit that subscribe button so you can get immediate access to our next episode (an introduction to the history of ISCA & Exaggerated Features). They should only get better as I get a better hang of using the editing & uploading tools available to me!

While you’re here though; check out out the work that won Grigor the highest caricature honor available; all of which can also be found on his blog.

jp_dude_150.jpgben_150.jpg nose_awards_150.jpgTorren-150.jpg

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