What in the world IS a Caricature?!

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The perfect follow up to “Introductions“, in this episode we try to at least start answering “What in the world is a caricature?”

Not only do we check the end all source for definitions (it’s called the dictionary, people), but caricature legend Tom Richmond joins us to give his thoughts on the topic as well!

He’s illustrated for MAD, won Caricaturist of the Year (twice), been an ISCA president (TWICE), published THE go-to “how to” book on caricatures, and is STILL influencing artists with his talents to this day.

Check out his work below, and follow the links to see more!

Tom Richmonds WebSite
Tom Richmonds Blog




3 responses to “What in the world IS a Caricature?!

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    • It can be really tricky! As a practice, try drawing your first sketch, then draw a caricature of that SKETCH. Then draw a caricature of you second sketch, pushing the exaggerations further and further each time!

      For more help, check out caricature.org and all of ISCAs memebers!


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