The Multitalented Music Man

Just how multitalented are we talking here?

Award winning Caricature Artists? Check!
Business Man? Check!
Singer/Song Writer? Check, check, & check!

In this episode I interview “The Multitalented Music Man” Eric Goodwin! We talk about how caricatures fit into the music and world around us and the importance of said media maintaining its quality. Most importantly? We talk about Mr. Goodwins’ much anticipated caricature album; what its taken to make it happen, why it’s happening at all, and most importantly…what it’s going to sound like.

Check out the episode to help quench your Goodwin thirst…

Episode available on iTunes
Episode available on Soundcloud

A huge thanks to Eric for the interview! Throughout the episode we use the audio from his 2015 ISCA Studio Piece commision “The Eric Goodwin Caricature-Animated Self-Roasting Impression Rap!”. While the audio is a gift in itself, you haven’t really experienced it until you’ve watched the video as well…

Credit for music used in the opening goes to “Corncob” and “Ice Flow” by Kevin MacLeod.
ISCA would like to thank Canson for their sponcership of the 2016th Annual Caricature Convention; celebrating 25 years of a World Drawn Together.

4 responses to “The Multitalented Music Man

  1. I just discovered Eric Goodwins work on Facebook and came across your guys interview of him. It was great to catch his insight into the world of caricature.

    I’m looking forward to seeing which artist you will be interviewing next!

    Keep up the good work!


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