A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to The White House (episode)

New episode available on iTunes & Soundcloud now!

This year has been a crazy one for plenty of reasons! Most notably…the Cubs have won the world series and Biff miiiiight become president! WHAT!?

Okay, so not Biff, BUT…maybe not so far off depending where on the political spectrum you fall! 2016’s an election year and it’s been one for the record books from the primaries up until now. Two of the more eccentric candidates (and one of which is in the home stretch to the White House) this year were Bernie Sanders (D) and Donald Trump (R), both of which seemed to come out of no where, representing the most extreme takes of their political parties tent pole policies. So much so, one might dare say that their even (everyone together now)…


Yea, that’s right! Caricatures of an idea! Political ideals, that is.

It wasn’t long into watching this election season unfold that this obvious comparison crossed my mind…and I knew a podcast episode was born!

On this episode; I speak with amazing political illustrator & SVA professor, Steve Brodner; illustrator, caricaturist, and teacher, Allen Shmertzler; & caricaturists John Michael Howard about how they feel on the idea that candidates Donald Trump & Bernie Sanders (or people in general) can be living, breathing, caricatures!

Episode Available on iTunes
Episode Available on Soundcloud




Music credit goes to Jay Hifive & Broken Elegance for “Journey”

Exaggerated Features is produced for ISCA. Register for the 2016 Caricature Convention at caricature.org today.


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